What are cookies

Like the majority of other web servers, we place small text files called cookies on the computer or device you use to access our website. This is done so that our website can recognise your device during a session or on subsequent visits from you, mostly to improve your surfing experience.

What varieties of cookies do we use?

Session cookies and persistent cookies are the types of cookies we use. When you close your web browser, session cookies are removed from your device. Until they are removed or until their expiration date, persistent cookies will stay on your device.

We employ the subsequent cookies:

Cookies for performance analytics:

These cookies let us recognize and count the number of visitors as well as track their movements around our website while they are on our website using it. This aids in enhancing the functionality of our website by, for instance, ensuring that people can quickly locate what they’re looking for.

Functionality Cookie:

When you revisit our website, these cookies help us recognise you. This enables us to tailor our content for you, recognise you by name, keep track of your preferences, and offer live chat help while you browse.

Targeting cookie:

These cookies keep track of when you visit our website, which pages you view, and which links you click. By utilizing this data, we can better tailor our website and the advertising that appears there to your preferences. For the same purpose, we might also share this information with third parties. These cookies let you share, like, and provide data to other websites so they can tailor their adverts for you.

Third Party cookies:

We employ cookies from third-party providers to gather information about our websites, support the targeting of our advertising campaigns, assess the success of those efforts, and personalize the ads for you. These businesses use cookies to gather data on how you browse our websites, including the pages you visit, the links you click, the resources you download, and how long you spend there. You might see our adverts while visiting our ad partner websites and/or their network websites based on how you browse our website. You must set your preferences on our partner websites in order to opt-out of receiving such adverts.

You accept our usage of cookies and agree to our Privacy and Cookies Policy by visiting the www.virgocreations.in website on a computer or mobile device.

You can, however, refuse cookies in the majority of browsers. By turning on the setting in your browser that enables you to refuse the setting of all or certain cookies, you can prevent our cookies from being set. Please take note that if you disable cookies, you might not be able to use all of our website’s features and that some pages and services might not operate as expected. You won’t be able to use the shopping list feature or do any online buying, for instance.



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