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The 7 chakra candle scents


The seven wheels of energy in the body


The human body is the most complex system on the planet. The greatest creation of God, if not in the universe overall, then certainly on Earth, is humanity. Everything around us is also made up of energy, light, heat, cold, emotions, feelings, and so on. Analogously, Chakras are energy points or nerve ending points that are linked by energy channels to facilitate the flow of life force in the physical body. These points extend from the top of the head to the bottom of the spine.

There needs to be a free flow of energy between the crown(Sahasrara Chakra) , third eye(Ajna Chakra), throat(Vishuddhi Chakra), heart(Anahata Chakra), solar plexus(Manipura Chakra), sacral (Swadishthana Chakra) and root chakras(Muladhara Chakra). 

The ability to perform at one’s best is constrained by a blockage in the energy flow along the chakras, which denotes an imbalance of the mind, body, and intellect. Chakra alignment indicates a healthy body and a strong mind. Health is wealth, and balancing and properly aligning the body’s energy points only makes the system stronger. 

Through the practice of meditation, coupled with the utilization of certain fragrances that works in favour of activating the nerve ending points. Thus, the proper flow of energy caused by the spinning of the wheels of the chakras keeps the physical body in a perfect state.


What scents are associated with each chakra?


  • Muladhara Chakra : The root chakra is associated with the element Earth. A balanced root chakra helps us stay grounded, committed, focused. Lighting earthy scented candles can help open the root chakra. Meditate with root chakra scented candles like sandalwood, ginger, patchouli to open the blockage if any in this chakra.
  • Swadishthana Chakra : The sacral chakra is associated with the element water. An unblocked sacral chakra can make us sensible, intuitive and help in the growth of relationships with others. The best sacral chakra candle has the fragrance of rosesweet orange, patchouli to name a few.
  • Manipura Chakra : The element Fire is associated with the solar plexus chakra. A balanced navel chakra promotes greater intelligence, self-assurance, good digestion, and self-esteem. Scents that can help you ignite your inner fire are sandalwood, ginger,  black pepper etc. 
  • Anahata Chakra : The air element is associated with the heart chakra. An open or unblocked heart chakra brings you boundless love and great relationships with yourself and others. You may stimulate your heart chakra through notes of orange, mandarin, jasmine. 
  • Vishuddhi Chakra : The throat chakra is related to sound or ether. The chakra influences our communication skills, self expression and listening ability. Unblock the throat chakra, if it is, by igniting candles with notes of peppermint,  Bergamot , Sage, or eucalyptus. An active throat chaka will help you speak your mind with clarity.
  • Ajna Chakra : The element for the third eye chakra of the body is light. Light can provide knowledge, precise comprehension, sound reasoning, and the ability to see things clearly and objectively. Fragrances like sage, juniper, vetiver can bring clarity in interpretation of thoughts.
  • Sahasrara Chakra : The crown chakra is the highest chakra. Associated with the element of thought or conscience, a balanced crown chakra can absorb cosmic energy from the universe and feel one with it. When the crown chakra is activated, it results in a stronger spiritual connection and higher consciousness. Among the fragrances that can help you feel the chakra in action are vetiver, lavender, and rose.


You can make it a habit to work on each chakra one at a time. Take one day to meditate on a single chakra, and thus seven days to work on your body’s seven chakras. To get the best results, light a scented candle designed to work on a specific energy center while you meditate. Balancing and aligning all seven chakra wheels will not happen overnight, but it is possible with regular practice of feeling and meditating on your seven points. Candles are meant to spread light, but they can also be your companion on your journey of life full of happiness, contentment and enlightenment.


Please note : This blog’s content is derived from a variety of online and offline sources. The fragrances mentioned here have been found to stimulate a specific chakra. However, because we haven’t done any independent research on it, we can’t guarantee that the fragrances will work for everyone.



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