a variety of candle waxes

Different types of waxes for candle making

We often feel the urge to burn a candle when we wish to unwind and rest. Some of them also known as scented candles provide a comforting perfume that lifts our spirits. The foundation of any candle is wax irrespective of its shape, color and fragrance. Wax burns and liquefies, producing heat and light as a result.

What is wax ?

Wax is made up of hydrocarbons, meaning, it contains hydrogen and carbon atoms, which sustains the flame of a candle. Paraffin wax is referred to as wax in general. For candles to burn, wax is heated until it becomes a liquid. This liquid then runs up the wick through capillary action to a point where the flame’s heat vaporizes it, allowing the vapors to burn and feed the flame.

We use different types of waxes as per the product or customer’s requirement. For example, for our floral candles we experiment with different blends of waxes to enhance the appearance and performance of the candles. Embossed candles are usually made of wax blends and plain pillar candles are made with one type of wax.

Types of waxes used by us

Paraffin wax : This byproduct of petroleum is the widely used wax by us and in candle industry. The high melting point, easy availability, fragrance retainment capacity and cost effectiveness makes it a more popular wax. Candles made of paraffin wax are less expensive and give off a strong aroma for a long time and go well with any color. Also, candles made of paraffin wax burn more efficiently. Paraffin wax is easier to color, and we can create a lustrous finish for candles made with paraffin wax. 

All our scented candles are made in different forms like stand-alone and/or jar candles. Our pillar and regular candles are made of paraffin wax. 

Soy wax : Longer burning times and complete combustion characterize soy wax. Soy candle wax is softer and made from hydrogenated soybean oil. Jar candles work best with it because of their lower melting point.

We utilize this organic alternative to produce our candles. Try burning our soy wax candles if you are prone to respiratory illnesses.

Most of Virgo Creations’ candles are made with soy wax.  

Beeswax : This natural biodegradable wax material is obtained from a hive of bees, when it is made. They have the capacity to burn gradually and releases a naturally sweet smell. Beeswax sheets are now easy to roll and turn into candles.

You can get beeswax versions of the same candles that we sell from Virgo Creations. Beeswax candles are available upon request but are significantly more expensive due to the wax value.

Coconut wax : This is the wax made from coconut that is silky, creamy, and white. Long-burning and environmentally beneficial option. In light of the high cost of the wax, coconut wax candles can be relatively pricey.

On request, this opulent choice is also offered!

Palm wax : From palm oil comes a thick wax which is the palm wax. For making pillar and votive candles, this solid wax may be preferred. On-demand, we also provide candles made from palm wax.

Gel wax : Resin and mineral oil together makes gel wax. An innovative candle option with any color and fragrance. Unlike wax candles, you get a longer burn time with gel wax candles. Gel wax candles are great for décor purposes. Beautiful sceneries with gel wax candles can give a dreamy touch to your space. Flash them on a table or flat surface and let everyone cherish a glance of the creation made with gel wax without the need of flickering light on it.

Vegetable wax : This form of wax is primarily made from plants. Plant epidermal cells release tiny flakes of vegetable wax along their walls. It also burns cleanly for an extended period of time and powerfully binds aroma in candles.

In accordance with the needs, Virgo Creations uses combinations of vegetable wax and other waxes.

Rapeseed wax : This wax is natural and biodegradable. This premium wax is made by hydrogenating rapeseed oil and has a longer burn time and long-lasting scent binding.

We create rapeseed wax candles based on customer specifications.

Wax blends for our candles

Combining paraffin with other environmentally friendly biodegradable wax is a sensible move because the burn is cleaner and leaves less residue. The type of candle that one wants to use might vary greatly from person to person depending on the candle type, budget, preferred scent intensity, and amount of eco-consciousness.

Paraffin wax candles, however, cannot be disregarded if you’re searching for a strong aroma throw because of the ability of paraffin wax to retain fragrance for a very long period. 

It is incorrect to claim that burning paraffin wax candles causes soot to be released into the air. In actuality, if burned improperly, any wax candle, whether natural or manufactured, can generate soot. Before burning, wicks must be trimmed to eliminate accumulated carbon in the wick in order to prevent soot buildup.


Candles are available to bring you comfort. It all depends on how you use it, but all candle varieties are beneficial. You can only protect yourself from the smallest possible hazards by following safety advice. So put your anxieties aside and choose a candle that you think is particularly lovely to utilize for the candlelight supper or any other special event.

Get warm and pass it on!


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