metal tea light candle holder

  Festive tea light candle holders to decorate your home

 Make a tabletop display with petite tea lights

Tea lights or T-lights and petite lights in small cups for a clean burning. They can be used in a variety of ways to brighten your room. They make no mess and may be used to create a dazzling glow on any flat surface, such tabletops. When displayed in a particular arrangement and used in a group, they appear more attractive and create a nice setting.

 Do tea light candles need a holder

Do you wish to put on a grand light show in your space? In that case, tea light candle holders might be the answer. Decorative tea light candle holders are available in a variety of designs, hues, materials, and intriguing shapes with little pockets. Warm lighting inside the lovely ornamental accents adds life to it.  For a special occasion or festival,  incorporate metal and wooden tea light holders.

Without a pinch on your wallet, get a mystical and dramatic touch to your lovely interiors.

Navratri Decoration and Diwali Decoration at Home With Tealight Holders

festive wooden tea light candle holder

Unique tea light candle holders come with –

  • Perforation : To allow the light to create a pattern in the surrounding space. This makes for a unique decor idea for the festivals.
  • Partly clear or colored walls – The main benefit of these plastic walls is the colorful glow of light that fills the area when light shines through them.
  • Shiny surface – In such a metal tea light holder, light and place a tea light candle.  T Such the  tea light holders’ shiny surfaces give the room a more vibrant, open appearance.
  • Elaborate motif designs – Contemporary wooden block tea light holders come in captivating motif design and various shapes like square wooden tealight holder, Teardrop Shaped Tea Light Holder, Wood round tealight holder, wooden heart tea light candle holder. Bring a twist to your interiors with dynamic mood lighting. Unique idea for Navratri decoration, Diwali decoration, tabletop for extended festivities.

How to remove candle wax from metal candle holder and remove candle wax from wooden holders

To keep these decorative accents last longer, you need to maintain them just like you do for everything else. Cleaning them after a use is a great idea to keep them shiny for a long time.

To clean your tea light holders, use a soft rag or  microfibre cloth. To avoid scratches, don’t use hard material or paper towels to clean your metal can holder.
To remove the wax, you need to melt the wax. Use any of the techniques for melting the wax:

  1. Hair dryer method : Blow hot air over the wax to soften it. Remove the soft wax from the surface with a soft cloth.
  2. Clothing Iron : Heat the iron and use it to heat a thick cotton cloth. Place the cloth over the wax and use the iron over the cloth to heat the wax through the layers. Wipe the soft wax with soft cotton cloth.
  3. Ice : Freeze the wax residue in the holder with ice. The wax gets harder and thus becomes brittle. It’s easy to remove brittle wax from the candle holder.
  4. Warm water : Take some warm water and a drop of dish soap in a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Dab the cloth on the candle holder’s surface to gently wipe off wax.

Pro tips :

  1. Never attempt to clean any wax residue from your candle holders with steel wool or any other harsh material.
  2. The protective coating on the candle holders might be damaged by thinners and metal polish.
  3. Avoid dipping your candle holder in water since the moisture may seep inside and make it harder to thoroughly dry the ornamental item.

Metal and wooden tea light candle holders are a great way to add festive lighting to your home. Keep your decorative candle holders secure and spotless. Just be a bit careful when cleaning them so that you can use them to stylishly light your homes for many years.


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