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Be the beacon of light for others, said the candle. Candles have evolved into a décor accent in modern homes. Candlelight can provide warmth to any environment and has a calming impact on the eyes. Why not add candles to your indoor or outdoor environment to create a relaxing atmosphere?  I’ll take you on a tour of the Virgo Creations candle selection in this blog and show you why using them is useful for you.

Types of candles at Virgo Creations

Gaining popularity as a decorative accent for spaces and a variety of occasions, modern candles are made with an artistic touch to add aesthetic value to them.

Decorative candles – Designed in shapes inspired by nature we have floral collections like roses, lotus in various forms, dahlia, shells, etc. We also have intriguing patterns like ropes, beads, bubbles, and origami that can catch anyone’s attention. Made with vegetable or soy wax, these are luxury candles with an enchanting aroma. Use them as a prop for any interior, lit or unlit, and let them create the magic by relaxing your mood and supporting you in your self-care.

Floating candle –  Place lit floating candles in the bowl of water and make an attractive ambiance. The floral-shaped candles like roses and nilofer look absolutely mesmerizing in the bowl with its golden glow.

Pillar Candles – Scented candles are great for décor and ambiance. According to Google Trends, Pillar candles are just as popular as decorative candles. A 13 cm tall solo pillar candle that can burn for up to 60 hours is offered by Virgo Creations. You should think about using pillar candles for your next lengthy event or party; don’t worry, they won’t drip while burning down into the center. Be sure to keep them on a heat-resistant surface, such as a bowl, plate, or candle holder. You can check our plain, i.e. smooth-surfaced pillar and our embossed, leaf, motif, geometric patterned pillar candles, available in ivory, white, red, pink, and turquoise blue.

Stick candle – Stick candles are always in style. You may have used these common, basic candles, which are useful during a power outage or candlelight dinners. You can choose a stick or regular candle in different hues and scents to add a contemporary twist. You are welcome to look through our selection of colored taper, spiral, and plain stick candles.

Jar candles – Candle jars are a very popular category of candles among consumers. It comes in a protective container.  They offer long safe burn hours with an array of options on vessel type, scent, and color. Enjoy a long dose of candlelight in stylish containers. If you looking for beautiful luxury jar candles for your bedside table, bathroom, entrance, living room or patio, then we recommend you to consider our:

  • Clear glossy straight votive glass jar without lid: Available in assorted fragrance and colors with burn time of approximately 26-30 hours.
  • Black glass base with clear bell shape glass top : A sweeter jasmine fragrance and paraffin wax with burn time of approximately 48-52 hours.
  • Black glossy glass jar : Comes in a woody sandalwood or mesmerizing patchouli and fresh rose fragrance, soy wax with a burn time of approximately 30 hours.
  • Hammered metal jar with wrought brass lid : A soy wax filled jar with smoky wood / warm rose and vetiver fragrance. Burns as long as 30 hours.
  • Silver/golden metal jar with lid : Also a soy wax candle jar with two fragrance , sandalwood-Musk and vanilla or white sage and musk. Burning time is approximately 30 hours.
  • Metal jar with marble finish and rose gold lid : This marble coated soy wax filled jar is available in Holiday Spice fragrance and can burn up to 40 hours.
  • Metal jar with dark leather finish and rose gold lid : The clean burning soy wax with the aroma of Winter Forest and a burning time of 35 hours approximately.
  • Metal jar with tan leather finish and rose gold lid : Soy wax contained jar with Cinnamon Nutmeg aroma and a burning time of nearly 35 hours.
  • Metal jar with cork finish and rose gold lid : This eye catchy candle jar contains soy wax with a rich fragrance of Grapefruit-Bergamot. Can burn up to 35 hours.

Tea light candles – Tea lights come in little pots with wax and a wick and are less pricey. By dispersing them on any surface or assembling them in groups, you may instantly achieve a golden glow. Both scented and unscented tea light packs are available here.

Wax, Scents, wick, burning time

Candle manufacturers offering luxury candles cannot compromise with the quality of raw materials. To ensure a smooth burning experience, Virgo Creations sources all the raw materials from reputed and experienced suppliers.

The right quality of candle wax used for candle manufacturing is crucial as it will ensure a clean and long burn with no residue. Our luxury candles like the decorative and jar candles are made with a blend of soy wax. Pillar candles also have vegetable wax.

In order to emit a rich scent, the role of a quality wick is crucial. Cotton wicks used in the candles helps burn the wax perfectly and emit the fragrance evenly without any soot.

As per candle industry research, people around the world buy candles for 4 reasons – fragrance, shape, color, and the effect of the candle. The fragrance is a dominating factor when buyers select a candle. Around three fourth of candle purchasers give more emphasis to the candle scent/fragrance. You will find a wide range of fragrances in our candles and choose any as per your requirement.

A long burning experience is ensured when the right quality materials are used to make the candle. Our basic stick candle burns for 7 hours and the petite tea light candles can burn for up to 5 hours plus and that is possible due to the use of first-grade materials.

Use of Candle for different occasions, customization option

Candles are no longer just a glowing source but are gaining importance as

Home décor accent:  To decorate living rooms, bedrooms, dining area, patios, yard, and even kitchens and bathrooms.

Additionally, they can be used to enliven any occasion at your place be it marriages, parties(birthdays, anniversaries), worshipping, or rituals to name a few.

Intimate evenings : With a few delicate candlelights near the corner stand, you may create the ideal atmosphere for a cozy and relaxing evening spent with your sweetheart. Nothing else can ignite the moment like some warm lights by the side, so transform your supper into a romantic candlelit time.

 Aromatherapy : The aroma filled candles can help you relax and relieve stress. Burning candles can even help you get rid of fear and anxiety. A great aid for your personal well being.

Gift: Study shows that people prefer to give and take candles as gifts because of its decorative aspect and the fragrance that can fill the space with. Both men and women highly appreciate candles as gifts for any kind of occasion. For the next festival, consider candles to give as gifts to your friends and family, be it holiday, housewarming, parties, festivals, thank you gifts, birthday return gifts to name a few. We offer customization, so you can always get in touch with us for your customization requirements and we will be happy to serve you better.


Our best smelling candles are a wonderful complement to any home. A dynamic lighting and décor component of any interior design to create the correct mood. It is gaining popularity across all demographics, across all racial and ethnic groups, and across all educational levels thanks to its multifaceted use. Enjoy this commonly available and reasonably priced luxury item in your house. Bring warmth and ambiance into your home, fill it with color and fragrance, and ensure the well-being of the entire family.


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