attractive festive diyas

 Attractive Festive Diyas: A Journey

Significance of lighting diya during festivals 

From humble lighting item to attractive festive lighting, oil clay lamps has come a long way. Have you ever noticed a difference when an oil lamp is lit? A clay diya’s flickering flame is appealing, lovely, and peaceful. You don’t have to be a God believer to light a diya, neither the room needs to be dark.

Lighting a diya creates an etheric sphere that induces a trance. The result? Improved communication, optimal response, and spiritual purification. Clay oil diyas or terracotta diyas give more than simply light and beauty; they also have a spiritual element. The justification for their continued use in ceremonies by numerous communities and religions.

Simple Diwali Decoration at Home with Attractive Festive Lamps

The main charm of the occasion is the Diwali diyas. When lit diyas are scattered around the space during festivals, a certain aura is produced, the reason for their continued usage.

Traditional decorative clay diya has evolved over time but is still in use for its aesthetic value. Trendy festive diyas come with elaborate designs, a combination of bright and metallic colors. Modern diyas are embellished with beads. Different shaped Diwali Diya like a round leaf, conch diyas, koyri, pot-shaped and fruit-shaped diyas make for excellent decoration.

  • To make your rangoli appear brighter and more radiant, scatter-lit diyas all around it. Complement with floral decoration.
  • Place lit clay diyas in the staircase.
  • For a lively appearance, arrange them at your entrance, lawn, hall.
  • Add more lights to your puja room by lighting sufficient oil lamps and please Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha.
  • Glue colorful beads and stones on your diyas to give them a special touch.

Importance of 13 diyas on Diwali

The main events of the festival include lighting fireworks, lamps or diyas, and decorating the house with colored lights. A long trusted ritual is lighting 13 diyas in 13 different spots that have different implications.

  • To safeguard the family from an untimely death, the first diya should be placed in front of the house, facing south and close to the trash.
  • In order to bring luck, the second diya should be lit with ghee and set in front of the puja area.
  • Maintain the third diya in front of Goddess Laxmi Mata to ask the deity for prosperity, abundance.
  • Place the fourth diya in front of tulsi mata to bring peace and joy into your home.
  • The entryway to your home is the fifth location to set a diya to welcome love, happiness, and good luck.
  • Put a diya filled with mustard oil under a peepal tree to bring fame, and riches, and get rid of health problems and financial troubles.
  • Visit a temple close to your home and light the seventh earthen oil lamp.
  • Light the eighth diya near the debris.
  • For the house to have positive energy, the ninth diya needs to be put close to the bathroom.
  • Place a diya at the top of your roof to seek protection.
  • Install diyas in your windows to bring joy.
  • Set a diya alight on the terrace to get into the festival mood.
  • The last diya is supposed to be placed at the house’s T intersection.
Appealing Gifting for the festive season

A festival of gift-giving is Diwali. During Deepawali, we invite friends and family over to our houses and exchange presents with them. While sweets and chocolates can be a treat for the taste buds, earthen oil lamps can provide a treat for the eyes and other senses. Vegetable oil, sesame oil, castor oil, and clarified butter can all be used to light the diyas to emit positive energy and aroma.

The best Diwali gift box can be a designer or decorative diya since they may provide the interiors with a unique festive atmosphere. They leave a lasting impression, so take them into consideration while coming up with corporate gifting ideas. The modern matki diyas also make lovely presents for loved ones, coworkers, and friends.


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