Set the mood with romantic scented candles

The soft glow of light plays an important role to bring friends and family together

Have you ever thought about the importance of candlelight or oil lamps during the time before electric lighting? The relaxing candlelight promoted gatherings of family and friends for meals, discussion, housework, games, reading, knitting, and other activities. Candlelight’s beautiful flicker and subdued glow have a relaxing effect on the mind, promoting mental relaxation, which in turn improves mood and triggers memories. As a result, stress levels are lower, productivity is higher, and mental well-being is enhanced.

Importance of intimacy in couples

For couples, a regular workday is hectic and stressful. Exhausted, worried, and not in the mood for intimacy, partners arrive home. You must continually fan the flames of love and passion if you want to keep your connection strong and ever-present. Candles blazing in a cosy setting may quickly change your attitude from one of no to one of yes.

Keep the mood lit by lighting candles

Romantic relationships can be difficult for married couples who have children. In these situations, you might decorate the area with candles to provide the appropriate mood for telling your partner. The candle’s flame keeps everything warm and illuminated. The two are directly related in terms of attraction. We associate memory with smell. The seductive scents of scent-infused candles might make you feel better. On a side table, our fragrant, long-burning designer candles look lovely. Jar candles have the potential to emit perfume and warmth for a very long time. If you want to maintain the warmth and scent throughout your romantic evening, use a pillar candle.

Candle scents to improve the date night

The brain’s olfactory bulb recognizes fragrance molecules. Each fragrance acts as a key to unlock a particular nerve cell. Thus, a different aroma elicits a different emotion. Scented candles aid in the body’s production of dopamine and serotonin, two hormones that determine mood. Select a scent from the list below, then look through the candles :

  • The peppermint fragrance candles work majorly in women, improve mood, and sexual desire and help gain multiple orgasms. Our KOLD jar candle has notes of peppermint.
  • Woody and potent aroma, like sandalwood, gives you stronger orgasm and a great sexual response thereby ensuring a great time in bed. Check our woody scented candles .
  • Earthy candle scent like cinnamon, increases blood flow to the nether regions of the body. .
  • The smell of citrus fruits is usually arousing in nature (Votive Apricot, Citrus). Citrus scented candles are included in our collection.
  • Fruity smell, like Vanilla scented candle stimulates sexual desire in men and aids relaxation. Works best on men.
  • Rose is a time-tested symbol of love. This scent lifts your mood and boosts your self-esteem of a person. Check our ZARA- Patchouli & Fresh Rose ADI Jar candle.
  • A mild scent, like lavender, reduces stress, helps you calm, and also has arousing properties. Removes any inhibition in the bedroom. Check the Like our Yatna Jar candle with lavender and baby powder.


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