Use Pillar Candles for Your Home Décor or the Next Special Occasion

Accent and table lighting are excellent ways to create a welcoming atmosphere. Pillar candles are a classic method of ambient lighting, whether in an indoor or outdoor setting. For any event, you can use pillar candles and observe the magic they work on everyone by yourself.

What is a pillar candle?

A tall, rigid, and self-supporting wax candle that can be placed anywhere. Large and wide, with more wax to burn for longer. If you like scented candles, then you can’t deny pillar candles as they are the most affordable option if you want to enjoy the fragrance for a longer time. You can always go ahead and choose a size that fits you because there are multiple sizes available.

What wax is used in your pillar candle?

Pillar candles require a rigid wax, so paraffin is always the best choice. However, a blend of vegetable wax is also used.

How long can a pillar candle last?

The larger the pillar candle, the longer it will last. From a lower limit of 30 hours to an upper limit that can go beyond 100 hours. It’s always a good idea to light pillar candles for at least 3-4 hours at a time and wait for the wax pool to reach the candle’s rim. At Virgo Creations, get scented pillar candles that can burn up to 60 hours, which we consider optimum for our candles in terms of perfume retention.

Can pillar candles be scented?

When candles and fragrances merge, they create a great combination. Scented pillar candles are already popular across the globe. We test different fragrances with our candle range. Lily, sandalwood, vanilla, tea rose, and strawberry are the fragrances you will find in our candle range. We offer floral, woody, fruity scents for our pillar candles and often blend fragrances to create a unique fragrance. Choose the color you like and we will offer a scent that goes best with that color for your great experience. Customization is always available at Virgo Creations on voluminous orders. Check out our plain surface and textured pillar candles in geometric pattern, leaf, and motif designs adore the surface of our pillar candles. Red, ivory, turquoise blue, pink, and white, you can pick any that suits your interior theme or the occasion setting.

What is a pillar candle used for?

The fact that pillar candles burn for a long time is the primary reason for their popularity. Pillar candles are an inexpensive way to make a bold statement at a long event or occasion. Keep in the center of a table for a striking appearance. Weddings, parties, anniversaries, housewarmings, and events can be beautifully decorated with colorful scented pillar candles and flower arrangements. Also, an ideal prop to set the mood for a romantic time together. Arrange multiple pillar candles together in pillar candle holders for a more elegant look.

How to Get the Most Out of Pillar Candles?

A good burning technique will ensure a longer burn time and a strong scent throw.

If you want your pillar candle to burn cleanly, without dripping or tunneling, it’s always best to follow some simple guidelines. Burn your scented pillar candles for 3-4 hours each time to get a great scent throw.

Dip the wick inside the wax as opposed to blowing the flame to prevent the candle from emitting smoke. Trim and straighten the black carbon gap of the wick for a better burn the next time.

Tunneling can be avoided in pillar candles if there is no excess wax around the wick. Remove any excess wax from above the wick, as the wick should always be elevated above the melt wax pool. After turning off the candle flame, fold the wax at the border inwards with your fingers to avoid tunneling.


Nothing beats pillar candles for ambient lighting, and they are just as classic and well-liked today as they ever were.


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